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Used Metal Finishing Lines For Sale


One (60) HP boiler system shall be provided to supply low-pressure (15-PSI) steam. The boiler shall be of the firebox type with a three-pass wetback design. The boiler is completely packaged at the factory with an IRI burner, low water cut-off, pressure/temperature gauges and relief valves all mounted on an insulated skid type base. See photos

Heavy Duty Side Arm: $15,000

One (1) heavy duty side arm rated at 500 pounds capacity per carrier with support structure approximately 75' long. Line was designed for 5' wide tanks, 4' deep.
Great start for a new line. Tanks and other accessory equipment is to be by purchaser or at additional cost. Control panel available with lots of bells and whistles. Duplicate line also available.
$15,000 per line. See photo

Phosphate Line for sale: $27,000

Baker Brothers phosphate equipment can be used for plating, cleaning or phosphating processes. Here is a list of equipment which we are selling as a package:

  • 1- Automatic Baker Brothers Rim Runner Hoist - see photo
  • 1-Steam Heated Parts Dryer - stainless steel, insulated with stainless shell.
  • 3-Steel module tank support sections - structural steel tank support - see photo
  • 1-Single Station Tank -SS (approximate size is 38" x 72" wide x 67" deep) see photos
  • 1-Single Station Tank -Polypropylene (approximate size is 38" x 72" wide x 67" deep)
  • 2-Single Station Rinse Tanks -SS (approximate size is 38" x 72" wide x 67" deep - each)
  • 3-Double Station Rinse Tanks -Fiberglass (approximate size is 76" x 72" wide x 67" deep)
  • 2-Triple Station Rinse Tanks -Fiberglass (approximate size is 104" x 72" wide x 67" deep)

Note: All dimensions are approximate and must be verified by the purchaser.

Total Price FOB: Grand Rapids, Michigan is $27,000 USD

*Note: Hoist motors and brakes have been tested and guaranteed.

The purchaser may need to procure remaining items depending upon the process

Engineering services or remaining parts maybe purchased at fractional additional cost.

Photos of the stainless steel hoist, tanks, and parts dryer see below